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I went to the Mr Tire on Hwy 54 in Durham North Carolina to get tires and an oil change, it took 5 hours and cost me $600 and they didn't even complete the full job I had to come the next day and wait for an hour and a half alignment. This was a very irritating experience, however it does not touch my cousin's experience with them.

He had his car towed there to get a simple power steering pump, they out his rack and pinion after waiting 2 days to start working on his car, he called them for a week leaving voicemails trying to figure out what was going on, after 2 weeks they called back to say "you need a new rack and pinion, we can get you one for x amount". What they didn't know is that the one they took out was brand new with a warranty! So he informs them of this information and they say "well this one is completely stripped on the inside". I've worked with cars for 4 years and I still have some people who know a few things so I make some calls, we find out that there is no way to tell if a rack and pinion is "stripped on the inside".

By week 3 my cousin has worked out with them that they will install his new rack and pinion, he then gets a call from them saying "you should just scrap this car". Wait, what? He didn't ask your advice, he asked that you perform a service that you are paid for. Let alone just 2 weeks back you were ready to sell a new part to him not scrap his car.

Suffice it to say we are now on week 5 and no they have not even put his car back together so he could it tow it somewhere else nor have they put in his new rack and pinion!

In all my years of having cars and maintenance work that comes with them I've never experienced anything like this, these people formerly known as Colony Tire and now known as Mr Tire need to either hire some professionals or go close up shop because this is past ridiculous. STAY AWAY FROM MR TIRE!!!!

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Bad for business Mr.tire go in for an alignment you telling me I need four new tires when I don't.

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