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I had an oil change done, with mr tire for free as a courtesy because I was told one of my vehicles was ready twice and when I came the issue they was supposed to have fixed, still wasn't done. Alignment was done twice but my traction light was still on and if you look at the front of the car, the tires was still off.

The gave me the wrong vin number to order a sensor, instead of telling me this they had the mechanic cut the sensor and connect it to the old one, because the new one was to short. (Which the mechanic who did it told us this at the front desk). So I ordered the correct one so they can put it on, so I wouldn't see any lights on the dashboard. Because they've been working on the car for over a month, with multiple people working on this one vehicle and being fired, he offered to change the oil in my other car.

He schedule me to come in on the day he was off after he told me he would personally take care of it himself. I come in get my oil changed on Thursday to find out he called the office that morning and told them I was coming in, It was never scheduled in the system and on Monday my car cuts off on the highway. I called road side assistance for a tow, once they pulled up, another driver pulled over because he's a mechanic to check and see if I was OK and if he could help. He checked the oil and it was absolutely nothing on the stick.

I showed him my receipt that I just had it changed on Thursday. They (the guy and the tow truck driver) suggested that I have it towed back to where I had it changed. They towed my vehicle back to Mr Tire and the shop was closed. My husband called and they told him it was nothing wrong with the car and its oil in it.

My husband knew they was telling a lie so he went to the shop. So the supervisor said the reason why my car wasn't working properly was because I had a filter that reads 2016. My last oil change was in Dec of 2016 which is true, and I was in a car accident in 2017 where the car was total and non drive-able. I got the repairs done in 2018 by them (Mr Tire: Alignment, tires, Right control arm and tire rod replaced) and start driving it.

But what I could understand was why the filter says 2016 when I just came on Thursday it should say 2018? So the guy who changed it at first walked up to my husband while his supervisor wasn't around and told him he changed it again this morning, they didn't have the correct filter on Thursday when I came, so he put the old one on. Another guy was standing there and said "you ain't the first to have an oil change and your engine comes back knocking". So my husband became up set, he asked the supervisor why the filter wasn't changed and was everything put on tight and correctly.

He said their wasn't any leaks and proceeded to lift the car up to show him that everything was changed. Once the car was in the air, you can see a leak coming from the cap, so my husband began to take pictures and that's when he tried to do damage control and say my car was making noise because of some belt. He then tried to come up with evidence about he told us this and that, but when he got to the computer he couldn't find it. Once my husband was out the shop heading to his vehicle, they called him to come back saying they found it behind the door.

Gave my husband the copy with something that was noticeably forged and signed by a person that was off that day with the date of the paper being printed the same day. We've been dealing with the shop and repairs on both vehicles for over 3 months, so we know the staff. Well the ones that wasn't fired because they don't keep people there long at all. (I will give the forge document to a lawyer) I was just there on Thursday and my car didn't make any noise before the oil change or the months while he had my other vehicle and I was coming up there every week to check on the progress.

The supervisor knows how I feel about getting everything done that needs to be done, so why wouldn't I get something done that he suggested or ride in a car that making noise? I reached out and left a message about what happened as Geico instructed me to do, to give them a chance to correct the problem.

I haven't heard anything so now I'm considering taking legal actions. Once the supervisor Scott got caught lieing saying the car had no leaks only to lift the car in the air to show a leak, I had the car towed and Geico sent it to one of their certified shops, only to be told my car was damaged by a faulty oil change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mr Tire Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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